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Omom capsule endoscopy System, which is a newly wireless, non-invasive gastrointestinal imaging diagnosis system, is manufactured by Chongqing Jinshan Science & Technology (Group) Co, Ltd with its own intellectual property rights. The system is designed for a visualized diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract simply by ingesting a pill sized hi-resolution capsule.

System components.

1. Smart capsule  JS-MEC-II
The hi-resolution capsule is disposable with camera, battery, wireless transceiver which are sealed into. A capsule-shape which is made of biocompatible macromolecule material.


Physical Weight:    6g
Duration: 9 h (QVGA / 2fps)
Size:13 27,9
Field of view (air): 140 10
Resolution (air):  0,1
Others image format: 320 x 240 (QVGA), 640 x 480 (VGA)
Operation Sampling rate: 2 fps
Optical illuminating: 4 LED
2. Image recorder.
The image recorder receives, process and store the image data which are transmitted by hi-resolution capsule.


Power: Built-in Litium battery
Duration:   8 Hours
Storage: 4 GB CF card
Number of antenna: 14
BatteryCapacity: ? 4800 mAh
Communication: USB 2,0
Weight: < 1K
3. Image workstation.
The Image workstation installed the special software system with function which the doctors can input the patient information before procedure, make setting and adjustment over capsule, real-time monitor the capsule during the procedure and browse, filter and diagnose the image data.
4. Portable viewer.
Portable viewer is an aid tool for capsule endoscopy system, is used for setting and adjustment over the capsule when the image workstation is not available and real-time monitor the capsule activity during procedure.
5. The USB wireless monitor.
The USB wireless monitor is a wireless transceiver connected with the computer USB ports. And through wireless USB monitor, the image recorder is wirelessly connected with the image workstation.
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